Lewis Fautzi – Elliptic / Tremors

Soma mainstay Lewis Fautzi returns with a prelude to his next full length on the label with the hypnotic, drone inspired double A, ‘Elliptic/Tremors’. Lewis’ signature deep, mesmerising sounds are prevalent throughout this ep and are garnering him great support throughout the Techno world.


Exclusive to this EP is Elliptic. Fautzi uses minimalistic grooves and sparse percussion to create a narcotic atmosphere, brimming with seductive, effective synth hooks that ebb and flow, leaving you lost in the moment

Taken from the upcoming Space Exploration LP, Tremors teams with dark energy. The pulse of distant entities dominate the background as searing bass tones build and swell around you creating the most unnerving tension.

Fautzi gives us a sneak peak into a project that takes us beyond the realms of what we know as Techno.

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Slam – Factory Music / Cirklon Bells

In my opinion one of the biggest upcoming releases: Slam unleash their 2nd, pre album single in the form of some heavyweight versions of tracks taken from the stellar ‘Reverse Proceed’ dropping this October. Alongside the boys themselves, Slam have enlisted fellow Glaswegian producers Hans Bouffmyhre & Edit Select as well as Truncate to bring their own unique takes to ‘Factory Music’ and ‘Cirklon Bells’.

Slam Factory Music Cirklon Bells Cover

Slam step up first to provide a reinterpretation of Factory Music which sees them almost completely revamp the original. Leaning heavily on a soft synth version of the classic Roland SH101, Slam ramp up the tension in the track as driving percussion rides the tsunami provided by the 101.

More recently popping up on Soma under his Secluded guise, Hans Bouffmyhre follows up from Slam with an energetic remix of Factory music. His signature, sub heavy Techno comes out in full force as he perfectly loops out the original and balances a solid drum workout smoothly in a groove ridden, peak hour track.

The always on form Truncate brings his jacked up funk to Cirklon Bells, one of the more ambient pieces from Reverse Proceed. The mind melting synths are merged with Truncate’s stuttered, distorted percussion giving this a real Chicago flavour.

Tony Scott aka Edit Select rounds off the package on a deeper tip. More subtle drums are used, giving this remix the typical hypnotic mood found throughout his music. The ethereal atmospheres are effectively used in the backbone of the track bringing the usual Edit Select profoundness to the remix

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Petrichor – Some Bara

With the follow up to his excellent debut ‘On Tides’ Glasgow based producer Petrichor (aka Simon Stokes) returns to Soma with the deep and thoughtful ‘Some Bara EP’. Continuing in the shape of the previous release, Petrichor has crafted 3 very unique tracks that are saturated in emotion.


Soma Bara opens with a perfect melody of plucked synths working their way in over shuffling drum patterns, all taken deeper with perfect low end and sequenced with a very live feel to it. This is definitely a journey with Petrichor at the helm.

“Jump Spot” is the perfect follow on and bounces straight into action as a punchy kick drum rides out punctuated by light synth pulses. Petrichor drops some funk on this one when the track’s subby bass line comes in and once again his signature tweeked out synth livens the track bringing a definite happy feeling to the listener. Petrichor’s grasp of melody on this track shines through as lead synths in the background merge effortlessly together with the main theme, tied together by crisp and subtle percussion.

Petrichor Some Bara

“Red Space” closes the EP on a slightly darker note and Petrichor delves head first into the realms of deep, dub Techno. Processed ambience flutters in and mind-melting synths rip through a broken beat and choppy percussion. Reverb & delay are used to perfection as wide-open stabs tear through pulsing up and down really giving this track a darker edge however Petrichor definitely pushes an air of hope into the body of this. Yet another stunning EP from the Glasgow producer who has clearly defined his sound.

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Woo York – Ancient Light

Woo York - Ancient LlightUkrainian duo Woo York have crafted two fine techno tools doused with their signature deep and hypnotic sound, perfect for any DJ set.

Ancient Light opens the EP with deep and powerful rhythms. Haunting synths float atop a bed of rolling analogue sub bass and a driving kick drum. Woo York create a perfect DJ tool with this as the track seamlessly flows powered by a real analogue sound.

Solar Diet ties in perfectly as yet more dystopian rhythms seep out the track. Crisp and snappy percussion back a dark and pulsing low end while a trippy synth hook flickers in and out keeping the one of this track firmly in the deep end.

Pig & Dan – Broken Melody

Pig & Dan - Broken MelodyPig & Dan have delivered another great EP to sit along side their already amazing catalogue of releases on Soma, always with a fresh and unique take on dance music.

Broken Melody is a perfect, rhythmic opener for this EP. Spliced up vocals pop through an almost tribal bass line while bright percussion melds this track together nicely. Pig & Dan are masters of the solid tech house track and this slickly produced track is a great example of these guys at work.

A more melodic approach is brought in on ‘Something’s Going Down’. Short, delayed synth stabs float delicately while a deep vocal cut drops over the intro as the track builds slowly as the synth become more ethereal, with an almost Detroit influence. This track definitely screams, hands in the air, as the percussion finally drops after building the tension through the melody.

Junglism rounds off the EP with its staccato rhythms and funked up drums definitely aimed directly at the dance floor. Pig & Dan once again show their mastery of production on this one as their skillful use of FX allows this track to flow perfectly. The track bounces well from growling dance floor stomper to almost trance-like euphoria with perfectly timed drops and even better use of programming.

Mark Reeve – The Horn

Mark Reeve The Horn Soma

After having released on labels like Cocoon, Bedrock, Herzblut, Traumschallplatten, Trapez & Boxer Recordings only to name a few Mark Reeve is going to drop his third EP on Soma in June. It features the two tracks The Horn & Optical.

Last year Mark teamed up with Pig & Dan, which has proved to be an amazing partnership. Besides his original tracks various remix projects have been started and finished from Extrawelt, Arnaud Le Texier and Moonbeam.