Petrichor – Cloud Chamber EP

PetrichorSimon Stokes aka Petrichor makes a more than welcome return to his home label Soma with the beautifully crafted Cloud Chamber EP. After a series of well received singles and a stunning debut album under his belt at Soma, Petrichor cemented his name within the label’s ranks with his profound and delicate production style. This newest EP continues to see the talented producer go beyond the norm in his approach to his music.

Petrichor Cloud Chamber EP

Title track Cloud Chamber opens the EP in a typically stylistic way. Simon’s clean, grooving drum patterns are joined by ethereal pads that sweep effortlessly into existence, each layer adding is own particular nuance to the track all designed to deliver a unique emotive piece. Keeping the organic, beat driven feel, Rah-Koh delves even deeper. Animated percussive elements provide a background for yet more stirring synth work from Petrichor who uses spacial, dubbed out sections creating a subtle and mesmerising track. Completing the EP, Petrichor reworks the previous track creating Koh-Rah a perfect trip into the ambient stratosphere where he creates an evolving and modulating soundscape built around glistening pads and processed sound fields.

VA – Hypnohigh EP

Did I mention I am the proud owner of one (of only 10) vinyl test pressings of the upcoming release nr 1 on Hypnotech Records? Frank Wirth aka Accentbuster was so kind to hook me up with a copy, thanks for that again by the way!

Hypnotech Records is the new vinyl label by Hypnohouse mastermind John Rowe who already released lots of Accentbuster stuff and our collab EP Destination 313 recently. So here we go with the first release which features John’s track Hypnohigh originally released on Chris Liberator’s Superconductor Records back in 2012. The A2 track is a 2017 re-work by Gendefekt while the b-side features two original tracks. B1 is “Huhh!” by Healium and B2 is “Operation Gladio” by Accentbuster originally released digitally on Hypnohouse Tracks 007 back in 2012.

So here we are some 20 years later than I expected but here we finally have Frank’s first vinyl to be released soon. Congrats my friend! I hadn’t thought it would be an Acid Tune by Accentbuster but as you all know: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Preorder your copy and check out the previews in the vinyl mailorder links below.

Darren Emerson – Deadlock EP

Darren Emerson as a former member of Underworld needs no introduction. He has collaborated with likes of Depeche Mode, Sasha, Björk & The Chemical Brothers and headlined festivals and been on the front cover of most electronic music magazines.

He just released an EP on Carl Cox’s label Intec Digital. That’s what I call techno:

2 of the 3 tracks are in my latest podcast by the way ;-)

DEAS & Van Czar – Acid From My Tape EP

Karol Mozgawa, known as DEAS, continues to cooperate with the DJ & Producer from Brussels – Van Czar for KMS Records. This time the guys present 3 acid tracks – two originals from Deas and one from Van Czar. The title track, Acid From My Tape is a piece of purely acidic song with a distinctive aggressive bass line and raw, simple beat. The next track from this EP, the remix of Van Czar has a modern variation, which may surprise no one listener.

Touch & Feel, the last track from this EP, is a song that you just touch and feel, it is multi-dimensional record, very atmospheric and spacious with huge energy and a big kick. This seems to be a powerplay of EP.

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Charles Fenckler – Diving from the Void

Soma are proud to present the debut album from one of the most exiting Techno artists to spring out of the French scene in recent years, Charles Fenckler. A chance happening across his Soundcloud heralded some fine results for the Soma camp as back in 2014, the 20 year old Fenckler, exploded onto the label with the finely produced ‘Anklam’. Sporting such a mature sound for someone so young, his profile has been creeping up over the past 2 years, quickly gaining fans throughout the Techno community such as Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Josh Wink & Alan Fitzpatrick. His latest release in early 2016, Frozen Room saw him return to form after a short hiatus with the title track taking the scene by storm. With his debut album, Diving From The Void, Fenckler looks to continue his meteoric rise through electronic music.

Charles Fenckler

Fenckler takes a heady dive straight into things as opener Voices In Your Head, with it’s droning yet uplifting quality, seeps eerily through before Immersion starts to up the pace of the album, it’s pounding kicks and percussive workouts sitting atop a glistening, acidic melody. Charles continues on an old school tip as the wild Stellar Acid comes hard and fast, complete with powerful breakdown moment. The rave inspired Frozen Room, already a massive hit from the youngster, clatters in once again as Charles then give a nod to UK-breakbeat with the contemplative Estrange. Things get back to techno business quickly as Flirting with Disaster & Subject X103 come thundering through but still, Charles brings an emotive element with both tracks laden with polished, ethereal pads. Originally released in 2015, District Two makes an appearance with its straight up, driven 909 percussive workout. The Unknown brings an air of minimalism with its sparse synths and groove laden drums whilst Anxie ty’s sweeping drones and foreboding atmospheres follow before the galloping Raven closes out the album at a ferocious pace.

Charles has certainly explored all facets of Techno throughout this album and for someone still with much ahead of him, the future is certainly looking bright for this talented young Frenchman.

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