Charles Fenckler – Diving from the Void

Soma are proud to present the debut album from one of the most exiting Techno artists to spring out of the French scene in recent years, Charles Fenckler. A chance happening across his Soundcloud heralded some fine results for the Soma camp as back in 2014, the 20 year old Fenckler, exploded onto the label with the finely produced ‘Anklam’. Sporting such a mature sound for someone so young, his profile has been creeping up over the past 2 years, quickly gaining fans throughout the Techno community such as Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Josh Wink & Alan Fitzpatrick. His latest release in early 2016, Frozen Room saw him return to form after a short hiatus with the title track taking the scene by storm. With his debut album, Diving From The Void, Fenckler looks to continue his meteoric rise through electronic music.

Charles Fenckler

Fenckler takes a heady dive straight into things as opener Voices In Your Head, with it’s droning yet uplifting quality, seeps eerily through before Immersion starts to up the pace of the album, it’s pounding kicks and percussive workouts sitting atop a glistening, acidic melody. Charles continues on an old school tip as the wild Stellar Acid comes hard and fast, complete with powerful breakdown moment. The rave inspired Frozen Room, already a massive hit from the youngster, clatters in once again as Charles then give a nod to UK-breakbeat with the contemplative Estrange. Things get back to techno business quickly as Flirting with Disaster & Subject X103 come thundering through but still, Charles brings an emotive element with both tracks laden with polished, ethereal pads. Originally released in 2015, District Two makes an appearance with its straight up, driven 909 percussive workout. The Unknown brings an air of minimalism with its sparse synths and groove laden drums whilst Anxie ty’s sweeping drones and foreboding atmospheres follow before the galloping Raven closes out the album at a ferocious pace.

Charles has certainly explored all facets of Techno throughout this album and for someone still with much ahead of him, the future is certainly looking bright for this talented young Frenchman.

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Krissky – Tra Li Story

Polish artist and performer Krissky is about to release the “Tra Li Story” EP on Otake Records. It features the four tracks No Future No Past, The Strips, Things & Three Days Later. I like all of them so I can’t really tell which one is my favourite.

Krissky Tra Li Story

Looking forward to what’s to come both from the artist and label.

Szkatulski & Kosmalski – Mind Parasites

Mexican Label Tenampa welcomes Szkatulski & Kosmalski, who have previously proven their skills when it comes to producing quality underground electronic music. Putting out great tracks is the foundation of Tenampa’s industry. Tenampa Core Artists include: Robert Babicz, Dave Seaman, Rodriguez Jr, Martin Eyerer, DAVI, Just Be, Affkt, Siopis, Markus Homm, James Teej and Hector, just to name a few.

Damian Szkatulski & Maciej Kosmalski are a fresh duo on the stage of electronic music with an individual approach to mixing. Each of them represents different from each other unconventional style of mixing, but together they create an phenomenal explosive mixture of sounds. Theirs previous productions were released on Butch’s Imprint Bouq, as well as Downpour Recordings and Natura Viva.

Remute – Grab Them (By The Pussy)

Since Hamburg based Denis Karimani aka Remute produced a techno track with samples of Donald Trump’s presidential announcement last year I hit him up via twitter earlier today if this wasn’t the right time for an update. And here we go:

Some hours later he replied with this video. What a fun dude. Remute of course, not Donald Trump if that for some reason shouldn’t be clear ;-)

  • Artist: Remute
  • Label: xxx
  • Release Date: 10/2016
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Klaudia Gawlas – Visions

Time will tell. True words reflecting the artistic and mainly personal metamorphosis Klaudia Gawlas has gone through in recent years. The result is her second album Vision in which she approaches a place she calls home in a musical context.

klaudia gawlas visions album coverThe energetic but at the same time deeper and more sophisticated sound of Vision is proof the she has taken a big step towards reaching the artistic level her true inner self has been striving for. As so often in life, a strong vision leads to a very pure form of motivation, which finally turns wishful thinking into action. Vision is a straight statement and commitment to the roots of techno. Something that matches pretty well what Klaudia Gawlas is known to stand for.

Here is the tracklist, to be released in november via Alex Bau’s label Credo on CD and digitally.

  1. Longing For
  2. Chains
  3. Monophobia
  4. First Act
  5. Utility
  6. Red Phase
  7. Unique Vision
  8. Craving Pt 1
  9. Craving Pt 2
  10. Obsession
  11. Limerence


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Robert Babicz – A Moment Of Loud Silence

As some of you who regularly listen to my podcast probably know I’m kind of a fan of Robert Babicz. After roundabout 25 years of experience in the business he recently claimed that he is now an “advanced beginner”. Probably one of the biggest understatements ever.

Robert Babicz Rob Acid

So, the other day I was excited to find a mail in my inbox with the subject “Robert Babicz new Ambient Album in October on Traum Schallplatten”. I did not see that coming. He has released an ambient album before (“Dessert“) but that was back in 2000 on Mille Plateaux.

Here we are 16 years later. “A Moment Of Loud Silence” which will be released on Traum Schallplatten contains 10 unreleased pieces of ambient music. It will also feature 7 bonus remixes by artists from the Traum universe. Here is the full tracklist:

Traum Schallplatten Logo

  1. We Fly To The End Of The World
  2. So Many Ways
  3. Curious Heart
  4. Bloom
  5. Lonely Prophet
  6. Where Are You?
  7. Colors
  8. Wall City
  9. Giant
  10. Circles Of Thought
  11. Bloom (Oliver Schories Remix)
  12. Why We Fly To The End Of The World (Van Bonn’s „Valhalla“ Remix)
  13. So Many Ways (Clawz SG Remix)
  14. Where Are You? (Aparde Remix)
  15. Wall City (Dovim Remix)
  16. So Many Ways (Eitan Reiter Remix)
  17. Lonely Prophet (Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot Remix)

I have posted releases on Traum before, in my opinion this is a perfect match. Both being from Cologne I am actually wondering that they haven’t worked together before.