Accentbuster & Mike Volt – Under The Elbe

Accentbuster & Mike Volt in StudioWith this impressive acid techno release, two constant figures of the scoped acid techno scene began their new collaboration project. Mike Volt from Enschede (Netherlands) visited Accentbuster’s house, not only for some sightseeing in Hamburg, but also in his studio. Having a great time together the result of it is also a 4-tracker filled with solid proper and uncompromised acid techno tunes. While been in technoide activity since the early 90s solo and in different combos both – in that spirit – brought their individual parts and influence into these timeless acid techno tracks.

Mike Volt in Fogmountain Studio HamburgStrongly impressed by the Hamburg harbour – the ‘gateway to the world’ – and especially the old elbe tunnel they formed out wavescapes that strongly underline the ambience of being underwater. This comes twisted with the well-known hypnotic and subtle psychedelic effect of two 303 basslines singing together (as they said: ‘one original from the 80s and one with 21st century transistors’). No less than Newcastle-upon-Tyne based Hypnohouse Trax label group from John Rowe decided for the signing, in tradition for numerous impressive hypnotic acid releases, also already by Accentbuster or Mike Volt themselves.