Petrichor – Narisshu

PetrichorThe moment I’ve been waiting for quite some time finally arrived. Soma just announced the second album by Simon Stokes aka Petrichor. And the best part: I was so lucky to get to listen to it already.

First of all here is the cover and the tracklist

Petrichor Narisshu Album Cover

  1. San
  2. There
  3. Valdo
  4. After Velvet
  5. 6EQUJ5
  6. Naurisshu
  7. MXT10
  8. blota
  9. Field Dub
  10. Riot Faux Pas
  11. Sapiens
  12. Last

Hardware enthusiast Simon who owns and runs a music school in Glasgow approach to music making is highly refined and over the years he has developed the soulful and unique Petrichor sound that combines House, Techno, Ambient and beyond.

Check out Soma’s Youtube and Soundcloud channel, I’m sure they’ll post teasers / previews of the Narisshu tracks soon.

There’s gonna be a double Vinyl Edition which I’m definitely gonna get :-)