Simons Stokes hits 1 Million Views on YouTube

Petrichor (aka Simon Stokes) hits 1 million views on YouTube and he celebrates it with a live performance of his outstanding track “Nukumori” taken from the “On Tides” EP. If for whatever reason you didn’t check it out yet, do it! And tell your promoter / club owner / whatever friends to book him. I want this dude to play over here in Germany!

So, unbelievable as it may seem, my channel has now had over a million views from people worldwide. The thought of my videos getting listened to over a million times blows my tiny mind.

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who has watched and supported me over the years – it’s a fact that without all the amazing comments and messages, without the support and without people spreading the love I would never have been releasing music, touring Europe both DJing and playing live and teaching music production from my studio full time.

So thanks. A million. Here’s me noodling on my Fender Rhodes (recent purchase) and the TR-909 through Ableton to celebrate. Created in a couple of hours and recorded on the first take. Thanks for watching and for the support over the years. Here’s to the next million…

Thank you for sharing Simon and keep up the great work! Here’s to the next bazillion.

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