Woo York – Analogue Swamp EP

While some of you might think of Planet Rhythm as one of those old labels from back in the day, it may not necessarily be the correct judgement. Not only is it a product of its past achievements, but it’s also pushing things forward in the present time, with Woo York being one of a few new artists emerging from the imprint’s recent catalogue. That said, 2014 starts with Ukrainian duo taking over Planet Rhythm headquarters as the label’s proprietors and getting in charge of all of its future development.

First out of press is the duo’s own EP highlighting their shift towards brand new, hardware-driven studio setup. From abstract TB-303-ish structures of Acid Rain, through the building peaks of Analogue Swamp, a perfect example of stripping functional techno, to Come Closer’s uplifting trance-y melodies and the closing sequence of Strobe 1, this record is shaping up to be Woo York’s strongest release to date.