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Oedla vs Accentbuster

With the gathering of Stockholm´s Oedla and Hamburg´s Accentbuster there were two things that happened to us on different levels.

The one thing is that two great acid minds were connected to each other, one from the female and one from the male side of pure acid energy.

By this way naturally impulsive and affective virtuosic acid techno elements are formed and ordered for you into an intoxicating straight forward stream of techno soundscapes that naturally force you to move your feet instantly.

The other thing is that this two exceptionally gifted artists are by now working on their own true, honest and proper techno music mainly in the so called “underground” since over 20 years now. Although they are underground, they had lots of releases and fertile cooperations.

For Oedla it has to be mentioned that she has also had collaborations and Releases together with e. g. Dj Misjah or Cari Lekebusch. Besides of that she was the founder of the timeless acid techno label “Acid All Stars” that brought us many impressive releases.

For Accentbuster one should say that he has been active in DJing and producing since the early 90s and is by friendship very near to many old techno and not only acid heads in Germany. He has also been very deep into collaborations, one of the most productive to mention is Fogmountain Soundsystems together with his best friends including also his DJ partner Florian Breidenbach.

So we are very glad to inform you that this new Stockholm-Hamburg axis has given us a completely fresh but also origin-orientated way of acid techno sound that´s quite well looking for one´s peers. Here are the first three tracks called “Save our souls”, “Rainbow Warrior” and “Standing Wave”.