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Petrichor – Mångata

And here it is. The album I’ve basically been waiting for since Soma hooked me up with the promo of Petrichor’s first EP called “On Tides” in early 2013. Since I closed my Facebook account around half a year ago I nearly missed the release last friday, but I’m glad there are other communication channels.

I always have problems categorizing music. I can’t even do it for my own so how am I supposed to judge other people’s work? I strongly recommend you to take some time, listen to it and decide for yourself – or just not categorise at all, what’s the point anyway?

Whatever you call it, since you’re on my website I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it. You know when you have to high expectations after a strong first and second ep and get dissapointed in the end? I was kind of sure that this couldn’t happen in this case – and I’m happy I was right. As I am writing this I am listening to it for the second time in a row and I still don’t know what to say. Is it the organic, melancholic, crisp sound? I don’t know. It is touching me on various levels, at parts it even gives me goosebumps. My biggest respect to Simon Stokes! Albums like that are the reason why I love music. If I had a category “album of the month” this would be it – and the ones to come.

@Soma: For some reason I didn’t get this one as promo but I’m glad I bought it. In case you should be in charge of Simon’s Bookings I hope that there’s gonna be a gig over here in Germany?!

Petrichor Mångata Cover