Daniel Schröder – Change is Coming

Daniel Schröder (Fogmountain Soundsystems) released a new track earlier today. You can get it on bandcamp and name your price which is going to charity as he stated in the posting:

It’s a techno track about change and i spent some time producing but it’s free on purpose: if you want, you can spent money buying it or download it for free… every single amount of money will be transferred to SOS Children’s Villages ( www.sos-childrensvillages.org / www.sos-kinderdoerfer.de ) who for example support syrian children who had to deal with five years of war and kids from Nepalese families rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

To make things clear, there’s some percent that go to bandcamp for hosting this song and to paypal for managing the transactions. But everything that will be transferred to my account will be 100% forwarded to the SOS Children’s Villages – i don’t want any money out of it

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