Bowly presents DÐD & MTSP – Red Right Nighter

It’s been three years since Montreal producer Bowly released his debut EP on Berkane Sol to great fanfare, so this scorching follow-up on Fur Trade has been a long time coming. Bowly presents DÐD & MTSP comprises of two new directions for the producer.

The A-side by MTSP is one for the streets, with lead track by “Red Right Nighter” delivering a pitched-down evolution of his UK Funky calling card that borrows equal parts reggaeton swagger and Balaeric tempos. Meanwhile on “MTSP1”, omnipresent drum machines turn that funky twitch into a slow-cruising electro nighttime drive.

On the flip, DÐD digs deep into Berlin-flavoured warehouse techno. “Tristan” exercises the darker fringes of a muscular 303 bassline in propulsive 4am fashion. Meanwhile, finisher “Siula Grande” turns those very acid ingredients skyward, toward the kosmische stars.

With an A-side competing with the most exciting evolutions of an ever-changing UK scene, and the flip leaning toward Europe’s techno mainland, Bowly’s return showcases a fully armed producer who has spent the past three years absorbing a tremendous amount of exploratory music, and coming out of it able to produce any which way he wants.

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